German Model Anabel Schunke has had enough, GOES BALLISTIC on Islam

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Video transcript:

0:10 People always write that Muslims and Christians should all

0:13 go on the streets together and protest,

0:16 but I honestly have to say that I have arrived at a point

0:19 where I really have had it with a whole lot of Muslims.

0:22 I generally have, and I am sorry to say that in such a harsh way,

0:25 but I’ve just had enough of these people,

0:28 and I’ve had enough of their ideology.

0:34 It is super-hard for me to endure,

0:37 I honestly have to say this, meanwhile I literally develop fits

0:40 when I see all those broads with their headscarves,

0:43 because this is just such a visible symbol of conservative Islam,

0:46 and in the meantime…

0:49 for me the train has really left the station,

0:52 I find that a large percentage of Muslims have made it clear

0:55 that… yeah… that they’re of the opinion that

0:58 all that has nothing to do with their own religion and culture,

1:01 and with that the topic for them is closed.

1:04 But to me this is just not enough,

1:07 because just recently I wrote about this too,

1:10 if someone were to abuse MY religion,

1:13 as they like to say, they always say,

1:16 “Islam is being abused, that is not real Islam, etc.”,

1:19 then I would have this inner need to go up against it,

1:22 and protest against this on the streets,

1:25 and I would be infuriated and everything,

1:28 because it would be insanely uncomfortable for me.

1:31 I would feel insanely embarrassed,

1:34 that this religion is being “abused”

1:37 for the purpose of terror, OK? And at this time, this is

1:40 the only terror we have going on, it’s Islamic terror.

1:43 But… of course I am of the opinion

1:46 that the religion isn’t abused for terror,

1:49 but that it is one to one Islam.

1:52 Dear people, that is Islam, just look at the Koran,

1:55 just look at the Koran,

1:58 read through the corresponding Suras

2:01 and how many of them there are,

2:04 then you’ll find that this is Islam,

2:07 and in my opinion all the Salafists, and the Islamic State people,

2:10 and the Wahhabists and all those who claim they walk

2:13 the “path” of jihad etc.,

2:16 they actually all live Islam a lot more genuinely

2:19 than the peaceful Muslims.

2:22 That is the actual Islam, that is Islam the way it’s written in the Koran,

2:25 and that’s what they live according to, OK?

2:28 And they can say, yeah, there are also nice things written in there,

2:31 and blah blah blah,

2:34 but in Islam there is a rule

2:37 that when… cough, when two Suras

2:40 contradict each other in their content,

2:43 then the one which was written later counts,

2:46 with respect to the one further at the end (of the Koran).

2:49 And all that stuff like “Kill the Infidels”,

2:52 that all was written at a time

2:55 when it was all about conquest and stuff,

2:58 and all the ‘Kill the Infidels!” stuff is further at the end [of the Koran].

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