Canadian Taxpayers just kicked out Money for a Racist "Beige Power" Video promoting the End of the White Race

Posted by moku 2 years ago in FAIL!
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he CBC owes an apology to Canadians for the video but that is about as likely as Obama expressing condolences over the death of an on-duty police officer. It ain’t going to happen.

It is the kind of video you expect someone to make and upload to YouTube. It is something completely different when a major broadcaster airs it. And it is more disgusting when the video is made and aired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that is subsidized by the taxpayers to the tune of over $1 billion a year.

The video on the November 29th episode of This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Entitled “Beige Power,” a non-white rapper, accompanied by non-white dancers, raps about how by the year 3000, there will be no more white people. And this of course is a good thing. These white people are described in the video as alt-right Nazis. At the end, the rapper issues a warning to Donald Trump and Bannon. And the goof doing the rapping repeats Canada is already great.

The segment of course is not an attack on Trump and the “alt-right.” It is a blatant attack on all white Canadians and is in keeping with the sentiments of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the governing Liberal Party of Canada. Just last Friday while speaking to Toronto elementary teachers, Trudeau told them he was “lucky” to be born a straight, white male. He said in part, “…we are a society where I was given power and a voice that I did nothing to earn, that I did nothing to deserve…”

It is entertaining to watch American college students literally crying over their “white privilege” from the sanctity of the safe spaces they demanded and received. It is quite another thing to see the leader of a first world country apologize for being white. Trudeau is wrong as he usually is. His power comes not from being white and straight but from the fact his last name is Trudeau and his father was once the prime minister.

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