Greek PM loses it on Islam! “We Fought For 400 Years So The Islamists Would Leave”

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In an impassioned, no-holds-barred speech, Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris ripped the Greek Government and her Ministers for allowing and continuing to support a Muslim invasion of Europe under the guise of’ “migrantion.” Calling them traitors who sold out Greece and have dishonored the memory of those who fought to keep Greece from becoming a Muslim nation and selling out their neighbor, Mr. Kasidiaris’ then proposes a law that will imprison and expel illegals and all those who aid in smuggling them into Greece.

I’ll begin with the “International Day Against Racism,” by denouncing the only racism that exists at this moment in Greece: The racism against the Greeks

Because when Parliament, when the Government, this sold-out to the foreigner usurers of a Government, for months occupies themselves with what will happen with the illegal immigrants and how more illegal immigrants can enter Greece, the Greek people are literally unhappy, they are impoverished and are facing a miserable situation.

So, the only racism that exists in this country, racism that only a Golden Dawn National Government can crack down on, is the racism against the Greeks!

And it’s a sad phenomenon and indicative of the degenerated condition of the State today, of today’s wretched coaltion, that currently is still sitting on ministerial benches, still sitting on the governmental benches is an agent who sold out Greek history and committed treason!

Because concession of the name of Macedonia to foreign foreign forces is treason!

We turn you over to the great shame of history.

We didn’t by chance say that when Golden Dawn comes into power, when there will truly be a Greek government in Greece, agents such as Mouzalas and like all those who sell out Greece will be deported to Skopje. Because that must be the fate of every traitor.

Because blood has been spilled for centuries, not just for our national sovereignty, not just for the name of Macedonia, not just so that Greece isn’t an Islamic country!

We fought for four hundred years, rivers of blood were spilled so the Islamists leave, so the Muslims leave, so the crescent leaves from Greece, so these hateful symbols and this hateful religion leaves from our country!

Rivers of blood were spilled which you didn’t respect and today you’re trying, in minimal time, to Islamize our country, to sell out our national rights, to make Greece into an Islamic country, to give up our national sovereignty, to give up the name of Macedonia. The national treason will not pass!

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