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Daily police videos including shootings, robberies and the Black Lives Matter situation

  • Drunk driver banned from roads after doing 146mph 02:59

    Drunk driver banned from roads after doing 146mph

    A drink-driving motorist has been banned after he was clocked doing 146mph on the motorway. Billy James Rich, 23, was twice over the speed limit AND alcohol level when he led police on a high-speed midnight chase. Officers tailed his £40k black BMW 430D when it shot past their unmarked car on an A road in Wiltshire. Rich then roared onto the darkened M4 where dashcam footage from the police car shows him weaving between traffic.

    9 hours
  • Bodycam Shows FBI Standoff with Dr. James Kauffman 06:52

    Bodycam Shows FBI Standoff with Dr. James Kauffman

    Bodycam shows FBI agents and police involved in an armed standoff with Dr James Kauffman. The situation started after Egg Harbor Police attempted to execute a search warrant at his residence but he was uncooperative. According to reports, a few days earlier the suspect's wife had been killed and there is an active police investigation into her death. Police suspect Dr. Kauffman may have had something to do with her death, and they opened an investigation. When police arrived at his residence the suspect refused to cooperate and things quickly escalated. In the end police were successfully able to detain Dr Kauffman and he is currently being charged with weapons-related crimes. A further investigation into the death of his wife is still ongoing.

    9 hours
  • Police Chase Domino's Pizza Delivery Driver 13:37

    Police Chase Domino's Pizza Delivery Driver

    Cocoa Police have released bodycam video showing the pursuit and capture of a disgruntled Domino's Pizza delivery driver last weekend. The chase started after the delivery driver sped out of a 7-Eleven store and then failed to pull over. After reaching speeds of up to 100mph the suspect attempts to ram the police cruiser multiple times before he bails out. A few moments later he was tased and detained. Now identified as 20-year-old Arthur Egendoerfer, this driver now faces serious charges including felony criminal mischief. He will also likely lose his job.

    1 day
  • DashCam: Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Llama Suspect In Solano County 02:27

    DashCam: Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Llama Suspect In Solano County

    Solano County Sheriff's Office Wrote in their Facebook page: "The things they don’t teach you in the academy….llama wrangling. Deputies Hollingsworth and Austin found themselves having to think outside the box to coax this llama out of the roadway after it escaped from its pasture. We are happy to report this wayward llama was unharmed and reunited with his llama buddies after a verbal counseling."

    1 day
  • Miami PD posts parody video on hilarious new 'anti-theft system' 01:45

    Miami PD posts parody video on hilarious new 'anti-theft system'

    The Miami Police Department has started a new anti-theft program that they are hoping can help reduce car break-ins. They call it the 'K.R.A.P.P.Y.' system.

    1 day
  • Police Dashcam Footage Of Philando Castile Fatal Shooting 09:48

    Police Dashcam Footage Of Philando Castile Fatal Shooting

    Officials in Ramsey County, Minnesota, released video on Tuesday that shows the interaction Castile had with St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez before Castile was shot to death during a traffic stop in July. In the video, Yanez tells Castile that he’s being pulled over because he has a brake light out. (Audio later used as evidence in the case against Yanez ― and also released Tuesday ― shows the officer actually thought Castile and his girlfriend “just look like people that were involved in a robbery.”) “Sir, I have to tell you, I do have a firearm on me,” Castile says in the graphic video, embedded below. “OK, don’t reach for it then,” Yanez says. “Don’t pull it out.” Castile appears to say that he’s not pulling out the gun, and then Yanez shoots him. Yanez can be heard screaming profanities and sobbing after the shooting. He keeps his gun pointed at a dying Castile as he calls for backup and waits for other officers to arrive. Later in the video, when Yanez is interviewed by another officer, he admits that he didn’t actually see Castile grab for a gun. He notes, however, that he was nervous after he asked to see Castile’s license, and Castile “had his grip a lot wider than a wallet.” Yanez says: “I didn’t know where the gun was, he didn’t tell me where the fuckin’ gun was, and then it was just gettin’ hanky. He was just staring straight ahead, and I was gettin’ fuckin’ nervous and then … I told him to get his fuckin’ hand off his gun … Fuck.” Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her 4-year-old daughter were in the car at the time. Reynolds live-streamed the aftermath of the shooting, which brought worldwide attention to the case. A jury on Friday found Yanez not guilty on a charge of second-degree manslaughter and two counts of reckless discharge of a firearm. Tuesday’s video release quickly drew more attention to the acquittal, which prompted thousands of protesters to March through Saint Paul over the weekend. “It’s just like, a punch in my stomach, it’s a punch in the gut,” Castile’s friend, John Thompson, told HuffPost Tuesday. “Look what happened to Philando for doing all the right things. It hurts. Every time I talk about it, it hurts. “I’m so tired of being tired, I’m so tired of being sad, I’m so tired of being angry at this system.” Yanez was fired from the police force after the acquittal. “The City of St. Anthony has concluded that the public will be best served if Officer Yanez is no longer a police officer in our city,” the city said on its website Friday. “The city intends to offer Officer Yanez a voluntary separation agreement to help him transition to another career other than being a St. Anthony officer.”

    1 day
  • Police manhandle young mum as she holds crying baby while they try to arrest her for selling HERBS 01:20

    Police manhandle young mum as she holds crying baby while they try to arrest her for selling HERBS

    'Heavy-handed' officers are accused of putting the baby's safety at risk in incident filmed by an eyewitness in central Russia

    2 days
  • Police Rescue Puppy Trapped Inside Hot Car 00:48

    Police Rescue Puppy Trapped Inside Hot Car

    Dashcam video released by Manor Police shows them working to rescue a puppy who was trapped inside a hot car this weekend. All four windows to the vehicle were closed, causing the temperature inside to rise significantly. When officers arrived at the scene the puppy was panting and crying. Officers then successfully opened the car, rescued the puppy and gave him water. The owner of the vehicle was arrested on animal cruelty charges and could now face up to a year in jail.

    2 days
  • Mother of Philando Castile Speaks out 02:34

    Mother of Philando Castile Speaks out "They Murdered My Mutha-F*ckin Son" "They got Free Reign to Keep Killing Us"

    moku 806 -4

    Philando Castile's mother Valerie Castile reacted to news of officer Jeronimo Yanez's acquittal by condemning the "cracker, bama ass, motherf**king state" of Minnesota and appeared to call for the officer who killed her son to be killed himself.

    In a disturbing rant posted to Facebook which has been viewed over 600,000 times, Valerie Castile told her followers: "I just want to say one thing to everybody out there, I don't give a f**k what you do. Do what your heart desires, because that shit wasn't right."

    "F**k the police, say whatever the f**k you want to say," she said. "This is the real Valerie Castile, I don't give a f**k no more."

    "They gonna keep on killing us as long as we just sit down and take it," Castile said.

    "If I had it my way, it's on and cracking," she said. "F**k that shit, I'm sick of this sh*t. Yall been killing motherf**kers all these years, but here in Minnesota, this cracker, bama ass, motherf**king state, f**k these f**king motherf**kers."

    "With that, peace out, do your motherf**king thing, whatever. Have a nice life, I hope that motherf**ker die tonight! Hello!"

    Many of her followers took her statements as a call for violence.

    The top comments on her Facebook thanked her for "not calling for peace and all that wackness."

    "Thank you for not calling for peace and all that wackness. And thank you for not making some wack statement expressing forgiveness and healing and love," one poster wrote. "Those f%$% days are over!" another person responded to the prior comment.

    "The feeling of revolt will grow stronger every day among the peoples subjected to various degrees of exploitation, and they will take up arms to gain by force the rights which reason alone has not won them. -che," another poster wrote.

    "We need to organize a national boycott of christmas~~shut this country down!!!! racist ass COUNTRY!!!!! Let's shut it down!! hit those purse strings show them we need business!!! Time to fight back we are at war!!" another said.

    4 days
  • Military Police Helicopter Assault Abandoned Hotel To Evict Violent Squatters 02:57

    Military Police Helicopter Assault Abandoned Hotel To Evict Violent Squatters

    The Brazilian Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) conducts a helicopter air assault onto the roof of a condemned hotel to evict noncompliant squatter families and provide treatment to the neglected, malnourished children. The operation results in the detention of 12 adults and recovery of four children. While not readily clear from the video, the adults resisted heavily enough for some of them to be charged with attempted murder among the other charges of damage to property and resisting arrest. BOPE is a highly trained and well-equipped military police unit that carries out SWAT type operations on a daily basis.

    5 days
  • Dashcam Shows Police Car Flip Following Collision 01:17

    Dashcam Shows Police Car Flip Following Collision

    Dashcam video from the Altoona Police Department shows a cruiser crash into a motorist after running through a red light last week. The officer was responding to a call at the time, but did not properly slow down to ensure the intersection was clear. The officer received a citation as a result. Thankfully everyone involved received only minor injuries.

    5 days
  • Dash Cam Intense Chase of Home Depot Theft Suspects in Shenandoah 02:46

    Dash Cam Intense Chase of Home Depot Theft Suspects in Shenandoah

    Shenandoah is a city in Montgomery County, Texas– Police are searching for three men who attempted to steal about $5,000 worth of merchandise from Home Depot Wednesday afternoon. Five men in total loaded two cars with the merchandise around 3:45 p.m. in the back parking lot of the home improvement store in the 19100 block of Interstate 45, according to Shenandoah Assistant Police Chief Barry Gresham, but were abruptly stopped by Home Depot employees. The employees called police as soon as they saw the men in the act. Two of the men fled on foot behind the store south on David Memorial Drive, and eventually got into a wooded area east of the roadway, police said. At the same time, two getaway vehicles were trying to exit the rear parking lot as officers with Shenandoah Police Department responded. The two getaway vehicles collided with each other before one of the vehicles, a black Dodge Charger, struck a Shenandoah police cruiser causing minor damage, Gresham said. As the getaway vehicles drove away, they hopped over the grass median onto David Memorial Drive and headed northbound. Intense video released to The Courier by SPD shows the Charger drove west on Alexandra Lane, which runs between Home Depot and the Portofino Shopping Center, but struck a curb which caused the front-right tire to come loose. The Charger eventually turned south onto the northbound frontage road after the loose tired came off and narrowly missed an SUV. As the smoking, disabled Charger came to a stop, two men – later identified as Darryl Lee, 20, and Davonta Lee, 17 – allegedly fled east on foot back into the Home Depot parking lot. After a brief foot chase, officers arrested the two and charged them with felony theft. Darryl Lee also has a felony evading arrest with a vehicle charge. Meanwhile, the other getaway car, which was a white Toyota car, made its way northbound on the I-45 frontage road until it reached Texas 242 where it made a U-turn southbound on I-45's mainlanes. Law enforcement officers ahead of the southbound pursuit shut down I-45 at Rayford Road, although the Toyota hopped off the mainlanes of the freeway onto the frontage road just north of Rayford Road and blew past other officers. While officers initially lost sight of the fleeing Toyota, the vehicle was eventually found abandoned in a construction site near the Spring Creek turnaround just north of the Montgomery-Harris County line. The three remaining thieves – which include the two who ran on foot and the driver of the Toyota car – have yet to be found. All of the merchandise has been returned to the store, Gresham said. Other law enforcement agencies, including Montgomery County Sheriff's Office K-9 Units and DPS air support, assisted Shenandoah with the search for hours. Anyone with information is urged to call Shenandoah PD at 281-367-8952

    6 days
  • Dashcam Shows Deputy Almost Struck by Intoxicated Driver 00:42

    Dashcam Shows Deputy Almost Struck by Intoxicated Driver

    Seminole County Deputy Molly Smith was almost hit be an intoxicated motorist last weekend, while conducting a traffic stop. She stood up against the driver's side door as the vehicle missed her by only a few inches. The driver was subsequently placed under arrest.

    6 days
  • Tulsa police release footage from fatal shooting of Joshua Barre 02:49

    Tulsa police release footage from fatal shooting of Joshua Barre

    Body camera footage from the seconds after an officer shot dead a mentally disturbed man carrying two knives in Oklahoma has been released by police. Video from Tulsa officer Donnie Johnson's bodycam shows 29-year-old Joshua Barre lying on the floor of a convenience store he had just entered last Friday. Police said the cop's camera did not capture the moment of the shooting because it was turned off. Additional footage was released on Thursday from two of the cars called to convenience store, and they showed the 29-year-old was barefoot, shirtless, and carrying two butchers knives as he entered the store. Barre had walked away from two officers from the mental health unit who had gone to pick him up for an evaluation before he made his way to the convenience store. He covered about a mile before being shot, police said. The exact moment the 29-year-old was killed was captured on surveillance footage released last week. As the 29-year-old opened the door and walked into the Super Store, he was shot and fell limp to the floor immediately. Two deputies also shot Barre, in addition to Officer Johnson. The deputies are both white, and Johnson is black. It is unclear how many times the 29-year-old was hit. Within minutes of the shooting, dozens of residents gathered outside the convenience store. Many can be heard in the videos released on Thursday shouting about the shooting, with one man yelling: 'you did not have to shoot him'. The crowd eventually swelled to about 300 people, police have said. After a tense period in which at least two dozen deputies and officers wearing riot gear stood in a line in the store parking lot, the group began to leave. It was revealed last week deputies had gone to Barre's home several times since a civil mental health pickup order was issued May 31. In the wake of the shooting, some residents questioned why officers didn't use less lethal means to restrain Barre, given his fragile mental state. Police said last week an officer tried to shot Barre with a taser, but it did not stop him. The shooting came about three weeks after jurors acquitted a white Tulsa police officer of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man last year. The verdict in favor of Betty Jo Shelby, who was allowed to return to the force, sparked peaceful protests and calls from community leaders and family members of Crutcher to demand more accountability from the police.

    6 days
  • Man Can't Believe His Eyes As The Police Raid His Downstairs Neighbor 01:46

    Man Can't Believe His Eyes As The Police Raid His Downstairs Neighbor

    This guy either had no idea he was living above a drug dealer or he's in shock because he was hoping to buy another gram of that kush later on that day.

    1 week
  • Dashcam Video Shows Texas Trooper Help Save Choking Baby 02:09

    Dashcam Video Shows Texas Trooper Help Save Choking Baby

    Weslaco, TX - When a DPS trooper pulled over a driver who sped through a red light,he didn’t realize he was going to end up saving a baby’s life. On April 13, a trooper was stopped at a red light in Brownsville when he spotted a blue Nissan Versa speeding by him on the left hand side and run a red light on State Highway 4. As the trooper pulled the vehicle over in the center median, a frantic woman immediately jumped out of the driver side and ran towards the trooper. The trooper asks, “What’s going on?” And within seconds, a man jumps out of the passenger side carrying a baby. He hands the baby over to the trooper and the two explain that the 8-month-old girl was choking. The trooper immediately took action and dislodged the item that was obstructing her airway. Within a minute, you can hear the baby start crying again when she was able to breathe on her own.

    1 week
  • Body Cam Officer Deployed his Taser on fleeing Suspect Jourdanton Police Department 01:38

    Body Cam Officer Deployed his Taser on fleeing Suspect Jourdanton Police Department

    Jourdanton Police Department Wrote on their Facebook Page: "In our ongoing effort to give the public a view from the perspective of an officer, we share this short video. In this incident a suspect fled just as an officer went to handcuff him during a drug investigation. The officer deployed his TASER and was able to take the subject into custody. Once in custody the suspect was calm and cooperative. Don't make the police chase you. Fleeing from the police is rarely successful and only results in additional criminal charges."

    1 week
  • Driver Crashes Into Fleeing Suspect To Help Police Catch Him 01:06

    Driver Crashes Into Fleeing Suspect To Help Police Catch Him

    A driver helped Ferndale police catch a fleeing suspect Friday night by purposely crashing head-on into the suspect's vehicle, leading to his arrest. The suspect was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of narcotics, third-degree fleeing and eluding, and driving with a suspended license. It happened around 9:30 p.m. Friday. While performing random checks on license plates out on patrol, a Ferndale officer discovered a vehicle owner was wanted on traffic warrants and his license had suspensions. The officer attempted to stop the suspect in a Chevy vehicle on eastbound 8 Mile Road near Livernois when the suspect took off. The suspect, accompanied by a passenger, sped on 8 Mile under he reached Woodward. There, a red light had the traffic ahead of him stopped and blocking his escape. He then proceeded to drive over the sidewalk, across an open area, then back onto Woodward. He fled south at around 80 mph. As more patrol cars joined the chase, the suspect entered a bus terminal near State Fair, then came back out onto Woodward and fled northbound. The suspect then turned east into a shopping center parking lot near Woodward and 8 Mile. That's when a man leaving the parking lot in his van spotted the suspect attempting to flee, and ran head-on into the suspect's vehicle to stop him. The crash successfully stopped the suspect's car, and the van ended up positioned against the suspect's driver-side door, which stopped him from escaping. Police took the suspect and the passenger into custody, and recovered from the vehicle a stolen handgun with a 30-round magazine and 10 bindles of heroin. The gun had been reported stolen in Detroit. The suspect was arraigned by Ferndale 43rd District Magistrate Kim Wilson and his bond set at $85,000 cash surety.

    1 week
  • Community Upset After Black Man Gunned Down When Attempting To Ram Officer With Vehicle 06:18

    Community Upset After Black Man Gunned Down When Attempting To Ram Officer With Vehicle

    The internet is a place where everyone can speak their mind. I will never be the guy who says A person shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves against person B. That is the world we live in. Sometimes certain situations will take place and they get BIGGER because of the comments on the internet. Today is one of those days. You cannot find one person who is looking to agree about what happened in Milwaukee.

    I know it is impossible to win a “debate” like this and a lot of people are just wasting their energy. I will do my best to paint the entire situation using videos and people from the scene of the crime and let you guys come to your own conclusion.

    This is what Fox had to say about the entire situation: Two people were shot in an officer-involved shooting in Milwaukee on June 11, and multiple videos of the incident were filmed by bystanders.

    Those witnessing the ordeal on Lincoln Memorial Drive on Milwaukee’s lakefront told WITI Fox 6 News that law enforcement officers fired on a suspect in the evening after a pursuit and hit two people with the gunfire.

    The current condition of the two that were shot is unknown, but a tweet from former state Rep. Mandela Barnes, who was at the scene, said that one person was dead as a result of the shooting.

    In one video filmed on Snapchat and posted to Facebook, deputies from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office pursued a green v Audi Q5 when it comes to a stop amid traffic at a stoplight. The suspect’s vehicle drives up onto a median to get around cars when suddenly gunfire is heard.

    One deputy approaches the car from the opposite side of traffic before the suspect attempts to flee again. The official appears to fire at least eight shots into the driver’s side of the suspect’s vehicle before it comes to a stop, crashing into a car at the stoplight on Lincoln Memorial.

    Here is a Snapchat video of the shooting. People interviewed at the scene said they heard 15 – 20 shots at the car. In this video, you can try and count.

    That sparked a debate about what he was doing at a gas station with a gun and if that is why cops were after him in the first place. Someone said it wasn’t the same car (even tho to me it looks like the same green Audi) to which he responded.

    “yeah so the car in the middle was the one with the driver that got shot. Easy to tell by the rims. Thanks for backing up my claim. The picture I posted you can’t even see the rims either so”

    Another person said: I see a car trying to get away so whatever they did someone or all did something wrong… but aiming to kill is not what’s up… only one person is driving

    Other people are still not happy with the cops: That’s not proper police training he should of jump his fat donut eating ass back in the car and chased them , happy trigger finger part kkk mofckerfckers

    One final comment from a guy who wanted to put an end to this entire “debate” that you know has no chance of ending peacefully:

    I love this ignorance! You post a video up with no context talking about being sick of this shit?

    Now because there is no context I’m reading through comments to see why he was shot and heard he had an assault rifle and led the police on a high speed chase potentially putting other people’s lives at risk and he ended up getting shot.

    Now because you didn’t provide any info maybe this is wrong or Maybe he really did have a gun and lead police on a high speed chase if that is true why are you posting your sick Of this shit?

    Sick of what criminals putting lives at risk then being killed for doing so because they have a gun? You trying to Insite hate and anger because yet another black man died. If it was a wrongful kill ok but if what I read is true this isn’t a wrongful kill and you should be more Upset about these criminals doing shit like this.

    Here is the main video that has people outraged. It already has millions of views all over the internet. You can hear the people saying what happened and see a shocked and angry crowd looking on in disbelief.

    1 week
  • New video shows police rescue of woman in chains 02:24

    New video shows police rescue of woman in chains

    Newly released video shows New Mexico police officers stopping a van that and finding a woman bound by chains in the back of the vehicle.

    Video from one of the officer's cameras shows the woman, identified as Jane Priebe, alive but shaken, with a chain around her neck tethering her to the floor.

    'Oh my God, thank you,' she tells the officers, her cuffed hands clenched into fists in front of her.

    More than a year of planning went into the kidnapping, authorities said. Priebe was stalked by an ex-boyfriend and his companion before they dragged her away from her apartment in Las Vegas in late January.

    1 week
  • Rappers shot at by police during 'carjacking' in music video 00:14

    Rappers shot at by police during 'carjacking' in music video

    A music video in Detroit was interrupted when police began firing at the unwitting participants, believing it was an armed carjacking.

    Officers arrived at the scene on Saturday at around 7pm to find a Jeep pulled up alongside an Aston Martin in the middle of Six Mile Road. Police apparently saw two men approaching the Aston Martin with weapons. Cops then responded by firing three shots.

    Detroit police spokesman Officer Dan Donakowski said the man officers fired at was armed and appearing to be trying to rob the person in the Aston Martin.

    The filmmakers reportedly had no permits to film or proof of permission to shoot the video, according to the Detroit Free Press. All three were arrested and no one was injured by the gunfire.

    1 week
  • Florida sheriff has a message for all of you: ARM UP AND BE READY TO KILL ISIS! 05:59

    Florida sheriff has a message for all of you: ARM UP AND BE READY TO KILL ISIS!

    moku 5557 59

    In a video that is sure to trigger Snowflakes and London mayor Khan, Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County, Florida tells the American people to FIGHT for their safety! Being the "victim" gets you killed!

    2 weeks
  • Deputy shoots and kills a family's dog on residential alarm call 05:06

    Deputy shoots and kills a family's dog on residential alarm call

    Deputy shoots and kills a family's dog on residential alarm call - Pahrump, Nevada, United States

    Pahrump, NV - The first-ever bodycam footage from the Nye County Sheriff's Office captured a disturbing scene that one man says changed his life and eroded his trust in police.

    This is so bad how can he shoots the dog ??

    Location: Pahrump, Nevada, United States

    2 weeks
  • Body Cam Officer Justified March 11 involved Shooting Grand Rapids police 02:50

    Body Cam Officer Justified March 11 involved Shooting Grand Rapids police

    Grand Rapids City in Michigan--- Grand Rapids Police Officer Timothy Orent feared for his partner's life when he shot an assault suspect March 11 on the city's West Side.

    "I thought he was going to kill (Officer) Glen (Brower)," Orent said minutes after he fired his gun three times, striking Victor Gonzalez, 20, in the arms and lower back.

    His comments were captured by his body-worn camera's footage, acquired by MLive/The Grand Rapids Press via a Freedom of Information Act request.

    The Ingham County Prosecutor's Office also reviewed the footage and, on May 2, announced a determination that Orent was justified in his use of force.

    "Officer Orent acted reasonably when he used deadly force against Mr. Gonzalez in order to defend Officer Brower against a reasonable threat of death and/or serious bodily injury perpetrated by Mr. Gonzales," Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor John Dewane wrote in his report.

    Gonzalez was charged with carjacking, unlawful imprisonment, assault with intent to do great bodily harm and assault with a dangerous weapon after he allegedly attacked a woman March 9 in the parking lot of a Walker Meijer store.

    Police said he taped the woman's wrists, threatened to kill her and stabbed her numerous times with a knife when she attempted to flee. He allegedly hit a witness with a hammer when they came to the woman's aid.

    2 weeks
  • Police officers in New Mexico save puppy choking on cheese 00:50

    Police officers in New Mexico save puppy choking on cheese

    Albuquerque police officers were investigating a stolen vehicle, when they found themselves trying to save a choking puppy.

    2 weeks
  • Bodycam Footage Shows Man Jump Into River To Evade Police 02:10

    Bodycam Footage Shows Man Jump Into River To Evade Police

    With the investigation still ongoing, the Steamboat Springs Police Department has released reports and video related to the death of the 22-year-old man who fled from police and later drowned in the Yampa River. Arman “Jack” Qureshi’s roommates told police that Qureshi had a serious alcohol problem that was kept secret from his parents. According to roommates, Qureshi would drink up to a 1.75 liters of vodka daily. Steamboat Springs police say he ran from officers Sunday and jumped into the river to escape them. He also wrestled himself away from an officer who tried to pull him out of the water. Qureshi was suspected of trying to steal a purse downtown. He had recently moved to Steamboat Springs to work in the information technology industry.

    2 weeks
  • Graphic: Police fatally shoot mentally ill man holding knives 00:53

    Graphic: Police fatally shoot mentally ill man holding knives

    Three Oklahoma law enforcement officers fatally shot a black man who was carrying two knives while trying to pick him up for a mental health issue on Friday. Tulsa County sheriff's deputies were attempting to pick up 29-year-old Joshua Barre near his house, but the man walked away and to a nearby convenience store instead, Tulsa police spokesman Leland Ashley said. Two deputies and a Tulsa police officer, all unidentified as of yet, opened fire before Barre could enter the store when they discovered that he was carrying two knives and became concerned about the safety of the people who were inside the business, Ashley said. Surveillance camera footage shows Barre entering the Super Store convenience store at 46th Street North and Martin Luther King Blvd. and being shot almost as soon as he enters and falling limp to the floor. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. The deputies who fired the shots are white and the police officer is black. All three have been put on routine administrative leave. It's not clear how many times Barre was struck. Ashley said authorities are reviewing footage believed to have been recorded by police dashboard and store surveillance cameras. He said an officer's body camera also might have captured what happened. Deputies had gone to Barre's home several times since a civil mental health pickup order was issued May 31, police and the sheriff's office said Friday night in a joint statement. On June 1 and 7, he made threats about what he would do if they forced their way inside his home and they left since he was no immediate threat to the public, according to the statement. On June 5, they couldn't find him. It was different on Friday, when four 911 callers reported seeing Barre walking the streets with two large knives and threatening people, the statement said. When Barre approached the convenience store, deputies ordered him to stop. A deputy used his stun gun on Barre, but it 'had no effect,' the statement said. Deputies and a police officer began shooting when Barre opened the door to the store to go inside. The shooting triggered a protest on a city street. Dozens of residents gathered at an intersection near the store within minutes of the shooting on Tulsa's north side. Some shouted, 'Hands up, don't shoot!' At least two dozen officers and deputies wearing riot gear assembled in the store's parking lot. The crowd of residents eventually dispersed. Some residents questioned why officers didn't use less lethal means to restrain Barre, given his fragile mental state. The shooting comes about three weeks after jurors acquitted a white Tulsa police officer of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man, Terence Crutcher, 40, last September. The verdict in favor of Betty Jo Shelby, who was allowed to return to the force, sparked peaceful protests and calls from community leaders and family members of Crutcher to demand more accountability from the police. Civil rights groups called on police and the sheriff's office to turn the investigation of Friday's shooting over to an independent agency. Not doing so 'will continue to erode the already fragile trust that exists' between law enforcement and the community, said Ryan Kiesel, executive director of Oklahoma's American Civil Liberties Union chapter. 'It is absurd to ask the residents of Tulsa County to trust a system that has demonstrated a clear pattern of immoral and unethical behavior to investigate itself. 'That conclusion might be different if today’s killing were an isolated incident, but it is not. Indeed, both the [Tulsa Police Department and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office] have a track record of dehumanizing and killing people they are supposed to protect and serve,' said the group in a statement. Cleo Harris, who stood behind the yellow tape that authorities used to cordon off the scene, said blacks like him who live on the city's north side are fed up with what they perceive as a double standard in how the city is policed. 'People are upset, they're tired,' the 50-year-old Harris said. 'Black residents in north Tulsa want to be treated the same way (police) treat residents on the south side.' Barre's next-door neighbor, Angelica Hearn, 33, said: 'He didn't bother no one. The police should've sent someone equipped to handle this.'

    2 weeks
  • Nancy Pelosi Hopes Trump’s Health is “Not Repairable” 00:48

    Nancy Pelosi Hopes Trump’s Health is “Not Repairable”

    Joe Scarborough corrected the minority leader, saying she meant “irreparable.”

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said on Morning Joe on Friday that she hoped that President Trump’s health was “not repairable.”

    Responding to question about whether she is worried about the president’s health, Pelosi dodged, saying, “I think his family should be concerned about his health.”

    “This is hopefully not repairable,” she then commented.

    Host Joe Scarborough corrected her, asking, “You mean, you hope it is repairable.”

    Pelosi stared at Scarborough for a few seconds before responding, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s not irreparable.”

    The House minority leader joked that she had, in fact, meant that she wished ill health on Trump, calling it “Freudian.”

    Co-host Mika Brzezinski then said, “Hopefully [the president’s health] is not repairable and perhaps there is an impeachment.”

    “Just kidding,” Brzezinski said.

    2 weeks
  • Bodycam Shows Intense Police Shootout in Buckeye, Arizona 05:07

    Bodycam Shows Intense Police Shootout in Buckeye, Arizona

    Officials on Thursday released video from a fatal officer-involved shooting in Buckeye in 2016 that occurred as officers responded to reports that a man had shot his wife. A review determined the officers were justified in the shooting, according to a May 30 letter sent from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office to the Buckeye Police Department. Police were called to a house near Wayland Drive and 238th Avenue in Buckeye on June 25, 2016, after receiving a call from California that 30-year-old William Ferguson had fatally shot his wife, 36-year-old Breanne Ferguson, according to the Buckeye Police Department. A "heavily armed" Ferguson approached investigating Officers A. Price and Larry Biffin in a white Dodge pickup before leaving the vehicle and "ambushing the officers with an assault rifle," police said. The video released Thursday from an officer's body camera shows the two officers near a police vehicle on a neighborhood street when the pickup truck appears. The officers notice the pickup truck and are talking about the situation, when gunfire erupts. Body-camera footage shows Biffin taking cover behind a patrol vehicle and firing back at Ferguson, discharging numerous rounds. Ferguson's ambush continued with a second round of gunfire that shattered the window of the patrol vehicle, police said. Officer Justin Ricks arrived at the scene to assist the officers, firing multiple rounds from his AR-15 patrol rifle at Ferguson and stopping Ferguson's attack, police said. Ferguson had been shot in the shoulder during the standoff and moments later took his own life, police said. Inside the home, officers found the body of Breanne Ferguson, who had been shot multiple times, as well as two children who were unharmed and taken to safety, police said. Evidence obtained at the scene linked Ferguson to his wife's death, police said. The children were later placed in the care of family members, police said. The Arizona Department of Public Safety conducted an investigation into the shooting while Buckeye detectives investigated the death of the woman, police said. The officers were placed on a standard three-day administrative leave following the incident, police said. The Buckeye Police Department praised its 2011 policy that issued AR-15 rifles to all officers to have on the street, saying it "proved valuable" in the incident. The delay in releasing the video came at the request of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, which asked police to wait until the case was resolved before distributing the footage, the Buckeye Police Department said.

    2 weeks
  • Texas Deputy Repeatedly Punches Teen, Gets Placed On Leave! 01:18

    Texas Deputy Repeatedly Punches Teen, Gets Placed On Leave!

    The Lampasas County Sheriff's Office released new dash cam and body cam video Wednesday of an arrest involving a deputy repeatedly punching a teenager in the face on May 25. Deputy Logan Lones was placed on administrative leave after the incident, which was posted to Twitter by one of the passengers in the vehicle he stopped in the 100 block of East North Avenue in Lampasas, after dispatchers received a 911 call reporting a reckless driver in a vehicle matching the car's description. After making the traffic stop, Jones said he smelled alcohol and marijuana and ordered the driver, 18-year-old Quinton Cruce, to exit the vehicle. While attempting to arrest Cruce, video footage shows Jones punching him several times in the face. An arrest affidavit claims Cruce hit first -- something that was not immediately clear from the newly released footage.

    2 weeks
  • Armed Suspect And Ohio Police Officers Get Into A Shootout! 04:00

    Armed Suspect And Ohio Police Officers Get Into A Shootout! "I Understand You Want To Kill Us"

    Body cam videos carried by officers in Ohio are giving the public a closer look at the dangers police faced during a recent standoff with a suspect. The Green Township Police Department of Ohio has released dash cam and body cam footage of officers responding to a subject firing weapons into a neighbor’s yard last month. When officers from the Green Township Police Department and Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office arrived, the defendant fired several rounds at officers. The video shows officers taking fire, diving for cover and negotiating with the subject who was later arrested.

    2 weeks
  • Heart-stopping video shows moment armed police gunned down London Bridge terrorists 00:56

    Heart-stopping video shows moment armed police gunned down London Bridge terrorists

    This is the heart-stopping moment the London Bridge terrorists lunged to stab a drinker before being shot dead by armed police in a hail of 50 bullets. Terrifying CCTV footage emerged last night showing the final moments of terrorists Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane, and Youssef Zaghba as their murderous rampage through the capital's Borough Market was brought to a bloody end. The video shows how they first tried unsuccessfully to enter the Wheatsheaf pub but were stopped by staff who barricaded the doors. After prowling outside they then spotted a pedestrian and launched themselves towards him and plunging knives into him. But the 23 seconds of mayhem ended when officers jumped from their still-moving Armed Response Vehicle and opened fire with assault rifles, shooting the terrorists dead. Amazingly, the terrorists' victim got up and staggered away to safety.

    2 weeks